Sky rides along the coast to Punto Lobos and Cerritos (20-25 minutes) East Cape Tours, Aerial Photography, whale watching & lesson available Group rates available  TAKE OFF FROM PESCADERO PALACE, in El Pescadero, BCS.  Owned and operated by a certified Basic Flight Instructor (BFI) 1. See pods of California grey whales from aerial views like you have never seen them before! Whales can be seen off the coast from November through March. 2. East Cape Tours cross the Baja and fly over Sierra de la Laguna to La Paz, and fly South to Cabo. 3. Flying lessons from a certified BFI (Basic Flight Instructor). This bird is a 2-seat trainer that is perfect for learning to fly in 15-25 hours of personal dual instruction.  100 HP Ultralight trainer with a 6 hour range.  For a fun activity, this is hard to beat!  Take off is from the Pescadero Palace in El Pescadero.

Here is Alex, the owner of Baja Beans, and his dog ruby on a sky ride!