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We are a natural paradise where desert meets the Sierra Laguna mountain range. The Southern Baja peninsula hosts several unique eco-systems that are special to us. In December we watch all the Whales migrate through our coastline. Todos Santos (All Saints) is on the Pacific coast about 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. As you enter by car, Todos Santos will delight in this Oasis of palms & fruit trees producing delicious mangos, papayas, avocados & more. The fields of agriculture and our quaint (growing) village sides-up to miles of pristine, un-spoiled beaches. We attract beach aficionados, bird-watchers, hikers, wild-life enthusiasts, kayakers, surfers, snorkelers, scuba-divers, fishermen… O’ the list goes on!

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So much is changing these days, new roads and restorations to many of the older buildings…. We’ll be updating this information page quite a bit in this coming year… so stay in touch! Watch for Whales!

kids-paradeA quick History In 1723 Father Jaime Bravo established Todos Santos as the mission of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de La Paz. It eventually reached mission status & was named Santa Rosa de Todos Santos in honor if its benefactor, Dona Rosa de la Pena. At this time the population of La Paz mission was transferred here, and then unfortunately abandoned in 1749. Since this time it has carried the name of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Todos Santos. The village prospered during the last half of the 19th century & first half of the 20th century on sugar production & in 1850 there were eight sugar mills in the area. Sugar production lasted nearly 100 years & most of the beautiful colonial style buildings and handsomely-built homes were financed by sugar monies. Many of these buildings fell into ruins in the 1950’s when there were droughts, the water table dropped drastically & began to dry up, causing a great loss of cane crops. This along with the low prices of sugar after WWII caused a great financial decline for the area & forced many of the families living here to move elsewhere. Now the rich farmlands have been re-worked & the town prospers from an abundance of Poblano chili farming, Avocado, Papaya & Mango orchards (and Organic Vegetables) Fishing & Ranching. Since the early 1980’s there has been an influx of tourist activity due to the paving of Mexico Highway 19 from La Paz through to Cabo San Lucas. In recent years many Fine Artists, artisans & crafts people have moved into the area. Todos Santos is becoming well-known as a Cultural & Artistic center. There is great optimism that eco-tourism will be our future…

Our Cultural Center and the Palapa Society

Birds … just to name the obvious! Orioles (Scott’s and hooded) House Finches, Western tanagers, northern Mockingbirds, Cactus Wrens, black-chinned, Costa’s, and Xantu’s hummingbirds, Wilson’s warblers (and of course, Turkey Vultures.) Varieties of Doves and Warblers, Sparrows and Finches… Vermilion flycatcher, the white-faced Ibis and Cassin’s kingbird. Flycatchers, Gila Woodpeckers, gilded flickers, Verdins, and Mockingbirds, or a lone Kestral or Hawk. western grebes, Great and Snowy-white Egrets, little Blue Herons, great Blue Herons, and black-necked Stilts…. and of course, Frigatebirds, Osprey & Brown Pelicans…. More on Birds.

Health … Our Centro De Salud, a local hospital and the Red Cross are equipped to take basic care of emergencies and has an ambulance to take patients to the primary care hospital in La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. Visitors can be assured that basic good health care services are available. Both cities have modern medical, dental and eye-care facilities. There is a dentist and a local Doctor in town. Holistic Health Practioners are also available.

People who Care There are many causes deserving support in this town which are are already well supported by the community however if you feel you can offer support to our local schools or hospitals please ask around or speak to any of the real estate offices, as they will know how best to direct you to our non-profit organizations. We will be adding more listings to our Bookmark Page as updated-information is received.

Banks … Two in town with ATMs, Banorte & Bancomer. There is also an ATM located in the Hotel California Restaurant.

Beaches … Please read about undertows at swimming beaches (Los Cerritos and Palm Beach) See our Beach Page.

Surfing ... within a seven mile radius of the town,

  • La Pastora 5-km north of Todos Santos
  • San Pedrito turn off at Km 59 south of Todos Santos – Reef Break
  • Cerritos turn off at Km 65 south of Todos Santos – Beach & Reef Break

Groups & Organizations:

  • AA Mon-Tues 5pm Wed 11am Thurs-Friday 5pm Saturday 11am Catholic Church courtyard/ info 145-0265
  • ARCA Center Non-profit activities for all (Yoga, Judo and more) Contact Elena:
  • El Dharma Buddhist teachings (Sunday mornings) contact
  • Palapa Society Non-profit organization – e-mail:
  • Todos Santos Library provides a lending library, for info e-mail:
  • TaiChi Chuan at Centro Cultural, contact Steve Merrill 612-152-7881 or email
  • Writing Groups contact El Tecolote Book Shop 145-0295 or
  • Music & Nightlife Dancing and live music can be found in Todos Santos and Pescadero. There are music venues and the occasional special event or Festival.
  • October thru May there are a variety of activities to explore upon your arrival… Aerobics, Aikido, Art classes, Book Group, Danza Danza, Taichi Chuan, Photography club, West African Drumming and Yoga. Information about these events can be found in local publications. There is always something going on! See our Calendar Page for events

Welcome to Todos Santos, to everyone visiting and to people wishing to settle in our beautiful and unique Mexican town. We hope that you will enjoy our peaceful relaxed way-of-life that we have enjoyed for many years. We ask that you respect the laws and customs of the area; particularly respect our speed limits as many of our children use the roads as playgrounds.

Have you seen the baby sea turtles released?  If not, watch this video!