Proudly Modest means we offer all you need, and nothing you don’t want to pay for. Full service, yet simple, Hotel Casa Tota is a perfect base for all your Baja adventures. Surfing, yoga, hiking, sailing, fishing, diving, swimming with whale sharks and sea lions,, snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaking, dining, mt. biking, gallery hopping… You think Baja, you think the beach, right? Huge, wild, gorgeous, endless beaches. But we also have amazing produce, perfect weather and stunning light. Many artists and chefs have migrated and evolved here over the years- and so here we are – a tiny (Magic!) town, loaded with talent, blessed with amazing weather and nestled between the ocean and the mountains. And the dirty little secret of Baja Sur is that to make the most of if, you need to drive- either out to the beach in the day, or into town at night to eat, drink and be merry. Stay with us, walk and/or stumble around downtown Todos Santos at night, and then, in the daytime, drive to the beach of your choice. There are so many stunning beaches to choose from- whale watching from one, another for swimming, a different one for surfing. Want to swim with whales sharks or sea lions, or snorkel in a white sand rimmed bay? Another direction all together. Hotel Casa Tota is smack in the center of it all. Hotel Casa Tota offers four styles of rooms- The Deluxe Kings, The Kings, The Queens and The Doubles. We pride ourselves on our outstanding value, thoughtful features, and warm and attentive service. Who knew affordable could look and feel this good?