Casa Bentley Boutique Hotel is an extraordinarily magical spot, in the town but slightly off the main streets. A true private hideaway, offering enchanting rooms full of light. Casa Bentley remains true to the culture with touches of high whimsy and curatorial artifacts. The beautiful stone masonry walls are set off by thousands of inlaid semi-precious polished stones gathered by the Northwest geologist owner, Bob Bentley, who built this remarkable inn over the years (he’s been a resident of Todos Santos for a quarter century). He is a charming man who is full of information and suggestions. His Swiss Manager Beatrice is brilliantly efficient and also has a plethora of information on the local area. Don’t miss the snorkeling-with-sea lions trip out of La Paz, surfing at Cerritos Beach and the various other activities which they can arrange for you. In comparison of the other hotels in town, Casa Bentley has the largest rooms with reasonable prices, located in a secure compound.