Rent out the entire compound, either of the 2 houses or by the room. One of the daily benefits I most enjoy is driving the slow single lane farm road that leads 1.6 miles out to the highway. To experience up close and personal the lushness of the crops and the pace at which they grow is amazing. The standard of courtesy and kindness that is exchanged between very different types of people as we pull over to make room for each other is also remarkable. There are times of the year when you can drive down this road and pick 5 different types of mangoes off the tree without even stopping your car. The hidden benefit which blows away everyone who visits between December and March is Whale Watching Pescadero Style. Whales like it here. You can sit for hours watching whales breach and spout as they swim past in front of the house. On a calm day it is possible to take a kayak and intercept a pod of whales after you see them round the point. At other times they linger for days within a few hundred feet of shore. When this happens grab a camera or if you are the adventurous type, borrow a mask and fins and swim out! Welcome to Whale Watching Pescadero Style! Vacationing here is like living in a nature sanctuary. Watching the egrets feed at low tide, building bonfires on the beach at night, shore casting for Sierra at dawn and long walks through the fields of basil, strawberries, papaya and chili peppers are what this place is all about.