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We are celebrating 25 years (1999-2024)!

So, we have cleaned-house and re-designed our structure. We hope the new look will provide all that visit here a foundation for the future. Our community is growing fast. Much gratitude to Mike Carter, whose work over the years gave us a good start. We are now bursting with new activities, tourism and interest with this much-deserved remodel. Again, best wishes to Mike in his endeavors… and we move on.

We welcome the addition of our new Marketing Director, Tim Lang.  He can help you understand how the new features in your control panel work, as well as help you build or edit your webpage.  If you need help, feel free to contact him.  We also have Alondra Cota Duran in accounting.  She can help you with any billing questions, as well as provide your electronic factura via email.

Our Mission and Policy is to provide the easiest one-stop Website for all the world’s people exploring our region. Our Advertisers (and linked sites) are responsible for their own content and policy management. We cannot assume responsibility for problems or errors on their respective sites.

We are now prepared to accommodate the many new businesses, hotels, restaurants, galleries and vacation rentals. We are pleased to be on a firm-footing for this coming growth-spurt. If you are a registered AC (charitable, non-profit, environmental) group and would like to link your website please let us know. We reserve the right to refuse any controversial materials, there are blogs and other outlets for that kind of stuff. If we should receive complaints about your separately-linked site, you will be notified 72-hours prior to your deletion. You are always welcome here & we appreciate your comments!

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Robert Quirk
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Alondra Cota Duran
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