With its gorgeous beaches, enchanting sunsets, and romantic Latin world charm – Mexico intoxicates many foreigners every year to pick this wonderful country to say “I do” to each other. Destination weddings are popular, and is it any wonder? What sounds better than running away to paradise with a small group of close friends and family? How about having a rehearsal dinner in flip flops and garnished by margaritas? Many have said a resounding yes to these questions and have helped make Mexico one of the top destination wedding picks in the world. Todos Santos, found near the bottom of the Baja Peninsula has been a longtime favorite choice for in-the-know couples from all parts of world. If you’ve been thinking of escaping south of the border for your nuptials, we have some helpful tips.


Plan Ahead

While getting away from it all certainly appeals to many couples, it’s important to remember that getting married in a foreign country requires planning ahead. A few documents needed have to be prepared in your home country before your wedding time in Mexico. For instance, your passport has to be valid and not expiring within the next six months. Also, you and your future spouse will be required to present a birth certificate. This birth certificate will need an apostille certification and also it will have to be translated by an official translator approved by Mexico. A Mexican Consulate near you can give you the details on certification.

Mexico will want you to prove you are single and legally free to marry your beloved. This may require you bringing a divorce decree if divorced, or a death certificate if widowed. Mexico will also require the same certifications and translations of any divorce decrees or death certificates that it requires for birth certificates. Also, you will need to have 4 witnesses present at the legal ceremony, and they must have valid identification. A valid Passport for your witnesses will work fine.

Most Mexicans have two marriages: the civil (legal) marriage and the church (religious) one. Only the civil is required and it is conducted by a notario. A notario holds a position similar to a judge, not similar to a notary. Arrangements ahead of time will be necessary to schedule the notario. Local wedding planners can be a big help with this.


The Venue

If you are planning to marry at a resort or hotel keep in mind many have onsite wedding planners, or they will make arrangements for you to find one. Also, think about the allure of destination weddings when picking a venue. Imagine having time to simply relax around the pool with your future bride/groom and walk leisurely along the ocean during the time leading up to the wedding! It is an excellent de-stressing process not often experienced by those about to get married. So choose a venue that can provide you that tranquil environment. For Todos Santos weddings, it’s hard to beat Serendipity, a favorite boutique hotel for wed-cations. The comfortable intimate setting specializes in creating a relaxed atmosphere for all the wedding attendees. In the neighboring seaside town of Pescadero, Rancho Pescadero has a longtime reputation as the premiere resort destination for weddings in the area. This beachfront resort is able to accommodate larger groups and has an attached restaurant ready to serve up delicious cuisine.

Sunset walk on the beach

On Arriving

The Tourism Immigration form you receive when arriving will be very important, don’t lose it. You, your significant other, and your four witnesses may be required to show it several times during the wedding process. Also, Mexico does require a blood test prior to the wedding do to Mexican laws that require a Health Certificate for all Legal Wedding Ceremonies. Blood tests are done to determine blood type, HIV and STD status. Plan on having 3 business days before your wedding date to allow time to accomplish this. In Todos Santos, local clinic Saint Judes Medical Center can handle all the required tests by law.


Easy Option

Another popular way to do a destination wedding is simply do the legal wedding in your country of origin and follow that by a “ceremonial wedding” at your destination. This is a popular option in Todos Santos. For instance, many couples coming from the USA or Canada will get married by their local government offices prior to their wedding ceremony here. This takes a large portion of stress out of the planning and procedure. More time can be focused on enjoying your love, your family, and your friends in a beautiful Mexico setting. It also lowers the costs of the destination wedding and allows for another few rounds of margaritas on the bride and groom! It also makes any necessary future legal aspects to the marriage (hopefully not divorce or separation, but that’s what we are alluding to) far easier.

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Why Get Married In Todos Santos

Mexico is already situated as a go-to unforgettable vacation spot, and the Todos Santos area is no exception. Combine that with your official start to matrimony and what can you look forward to? Here in Todos Santos it’s not uncommon to see the bride and groom taking a surf lesson the day before the “big day”. Or seeing entire wedding groups of family and friends having a pre-wedding day bonfire together! Or observing the happy newlyweds strolling around the sleepy “pueblo magico” celebrating in their post-wedding glee. Todos Santos is the perfect beginning to any fairy tale wedding and certainly ready to be the “you remember when we got married in Mexico” part of your life story.