If you are planning on being here for the duration of the summer or at least part of it, you will probably come across the need to keep a close eye on the weather. A fact of life for the tropical regions of the world is, at times, severe weather. For the southern portion of the Baja California Peninsula, Tropical Cyclones or Hurricanes are the areas most common severe weather that is seen.

This hurricane season takes place officially beginning on May 15, to November 30th, but in reality a storm is possible at any time. This 2014 year to date has been an “above normal” season due to the “combined strength and duration of these tropical storms”.  Fortunately for the Baja we have yet to experience any physical detriment from these storms thus far.

But what can we expect for the rest of this Hurricane Season? Well, out of the 199-day period that make up the season, and under the first 60 days there have already been 5 named storms, we can expect at November 30th, it to be over.  But the truth is that no matter what may come, knowledge and preparedness will not matter unless sensible action is taken.

You may have heard the term Hurricane Preparedness but might not know what we would do. The National Weather Service issued a Preparedness Guide in PDF form to educate and inform those that might have to deal with such an event. Download here.

Yet, aside from brushing up on the packet of information, by keeping a close eye on the watches and warnings that are made public, it will aid and alert us of the need to act on our plans should a dangerous storm be imminent.

So yes while the Hurricane Season is upon us, and the chance of much needed rain is ever looming, enjoy the change of seasons, the mangos that are falling, the storm clouds over the Sierras that are bursting, and the summers brilliant sunsets.