Mainly known for its dry, barren terrain, or “where the desert meets the sea”, streams and lakes are rarely seen in the Baja.  One lake was recently spotted only 10 minutes from Todos Santos on an flight just South of town.  This lake is hidden from plain view, and cannot be seen easily from land.  The number and volume of lakes and streams will vary with the level of the water table, which is fed from the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range.  Even though it may not rain for months in Todos Santos, if it is raining in the local mountains, the water will run in underground streams and feed the local water table, which will rise or fall depending on the rain, and will also fluctuate with the local farming needs, which will tap in to the water table with wells, or “pozos”, to irrigate the crops.

For years, we have known about the natural oasis here at Palm Beach.  The bubbling water hole will fill and overflow with water, at times spilling out into to ocean.  The overflow will actually create a stream of water, and sometimes kayakers can be seen paddling with the current.

On a recent flight, a hidden lake was photographed within 10 miles of Todos Santos, and about ½ mile off the main highway.  Here is a photo, as well as a video showing the lake, which is surrounded with palm and mango trees.   These bodies of water are rare in the Baja, but they do exist in and around the Todos Santos area.